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They have the potential to be the future of dating and it's nice to see one of the top online companies acknowledging that, without losing their original identity.”If you're serious about finding long-term love as a gay man, Chappy may well be the best app option on the market.

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Unless we’re all just referring to the same couple... For many women that we chatted to, this was a breath of fresh air in the often seedy and overwhelming world of online dating and cringe-worthy first messages. The woman speaks first, and it means guys are way more likely to speak to you if you're not just one of many.” It also seems that the higher quality experience and focus on women being in control attracts a slightly better standard of men.

Louise told us: “The men are better, looks and personality.” Paul agreed: “It’s Tinder, but better.” Calling itself “the relationship app”, Hinge is aimed at those who are tired of Tinder, or just have really sore thumbs from all the swiping.

Louise said: “It could just be because of the area I live in, but in my experience most of the guys on Now are only after one thing right now, and it isn’t romance or a coffee...” to global warming (okay, we’re making that last one up). If you’ve swiped right on someone and they’re swiped right on you as well, you’ll be notified and can begin messaging one another.

But no matter who you ask, it seems to have become synonymous with casual dating and hookups rather than those looking for long-term love. Hayley Minn told us: “I used to love it, it's so easy to use and fun, but it now feels like a game more than anything and I've never had a date lead to anything serious.” Despite the fact it seems to be losing its edge, we included it because it’s still popular, and the large user numbers mean the more chance of dates.

Whether that means they live near you, work near you, have the same Sunday morning routine, or anything else.

Nick said: “I met a lot of great people through this app.

is another older dating website that’s evolved over the years to become one of the most popular apps.

The profiles are detailed (if people fill them in), which means you can find out more about someone before you speak to them, and location-based searching means you’re shown people who live or work nearby.

Letting you choose between "Mr Right" and "Mr Right Now" it's fun and playful if you're in the mood for some quick company, while offering a bit more depth for those looking for a bit more. The app also has a recently launched premium feature, which serves up more information about your matches, like how likely they are to reply to you.

According to Basil it's greatest feature is "a slider at the top, where you can indicate what you're after, so only like-minded guys will populate your feed," but the app experience "from that point onwards, is basically Tinder."Another app, another promise to provide more meaningful connections. Ladies, you’ll be served up a Bagel (that’s what the app calls men) each day at noon, which are only the Bagels (or... It’s another idea that sounds good, but does it really work?

You’re prompted to ask a series of questions, but you can choose which you answer. Sarah said: “Hinge definitely sounds good in theory. I’m trying to stay patient and positive, but I think the instant buzz of Tinder might have ruined me.”Plenty of Fish is another app that allows you to create a profile, answer questions or just upload your favorite selfies.


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